Agricultural Small Tools

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All agricultural small tools are available to rent by KLAS members in good standing who have paid their annual KLAS membership fees ($25). Equipment will not be available to book until membership payments have been received and accounted.

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All steel, heavy, deep-cultivation tool. Broadforks are used to aerate the soil and create channels without inverting or tilling the soil. Great to loosen up soil hardpans to get extra long root crops such as carrots and parsnips. Watch how to use it!

Locations – Creston, Kaslo, Krestova


Fruit Picking/Pruning Ladder

No more missing out on that last branch you can’t reach! Use our professional fruit picking/pruning ladders. Unique tri-pod design allows users to get into the tree even on uneven terrain.

Locations – Creston, Kaslo, Krestova


Spring Loaded Post Pounder

Make post pounding easier with spring assist. This design allows the unit to spring up so all you have to do is pull down. Works well on metal and wood posts less than 2″ in diameter

Locations – Creston, Krestova , Kaslo


Manual Post Puller

Save your back getting up those old posts! Use this tool to uplift posts up to 2″ in diameter. Works great for metal t-posts.

Locations – Creston, Krestova , Kaslo


Manual Metal Hoop Benders

Three options to bend metal electrical conduit for low tunnel hoops to toprail fencing for larger high tunnels. Metal not included.

Locations –  Krestova


26″ Barrel Washer

Have a lot of roots to wash in the fall? Make it quick by renting a barrel washer to process your carrots, parsnips, beets and storage radishes. The rotating drum allows the roots to tumble clean with water. Will require power to operate and can be loaded onto KLAS trailer for transport and use. The drums are heavy, so come prepared with a truck bed or trailer that can take it and some extra hands for the hoist.

Locations –  Krestova, Salmo


BCS Equipment

View our BCS Tractor Fleet of implements! Additional rental charges will apply.

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